Back In The World of Those Who Communicate

Inside CUH

Photo by Denis O'Sullivan

Cork University Hospital may well be one of the coolest hospitals in the World, but still, it is a hospital, not at all a creative environment.

Almost seven weeks “inside” was enough for me … all the time itching to get back to my main projects: a tribute to William Burroughs for which I obtained permission from his estate to use the Text of Nova Express, and a (for me) very special “Love Live Music” show at the Crawford Gallery next year. There are also some little ideas that came to me, and a very exciting collaboration with Massimo Davi and Monica (Iride Project) which I am itching to get back into.

And, of course, I am all on again for live performance and jams.

Ideas, lots of ideas … and for a while I feared that I had run out of time and my progressive disability was getting on top of me. Thanks be to Goodness: it was “only” a massive chest infection which could be fixed with an operation.

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One Response to Back In The World of Those Who Communicate

  1. massimo & monica says:

    You look good! Suggest you should keep that beard. It gives you the proper “artist look”!
    We will be soon annoying you no problem…
    Take care,
    Massimo & Monica

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