World Listening Day Event in Waterford

Little playing the Whaler Waterphone

Little playing the Whaler Waterphone

I am teaming up once again with Alison “Little” Forbes – this time for the Sonic Dreams Festival in Waterford towards the end of September. In advance of the festival, for World Listening Day (of which the theme this year is water) on Saturday the 18th of July, Mick “Mixile” Shanahan is organizing a day of activities with the Hive Gallery in Waterford as a hub.

There will be a sound walk where participants are encouraged to make recordings, talks by Mixile on field recording and by myself on recording “found instruments”, a workshop to review the recorded sounds, and a concert in the evening with Mixile playing music made from the day’s recordings and Little and I playing Waterphones. Genuine Waterphones are about as rare as genuine Stradivari instruments. An opportunity to experience two of them in one ensemble is quite uncommon.

Yourd Truly posing with the Megabass Waterphone

Yours Truly posing with the Megabass Waterphone

The concert will finish early enough for participants in the day’s activities to engage in other Saturday night entertainment … and for our friends in Cork who may wish to come and support us to catch the last bus home.

We would like to do it all for free, but using the Hive Gallery requires that you should make a small donation¬† – perhaps about 5.00 Euro for the day. Mixile is going to make an “official” announcement on Facebook.

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