Installation in Collaboration with Little Forbes and Performance with the Iride Project at Sonic Dreams Waterford, 25th and 26th of September

Alison “Little” Forbes and I will spend a few days ahead of the festival in Waterford to record found percussion sounds, similar to what I have for my Cork City Gamelan. An installation which I call a Gamelbotâ„¢ will compose music from these sounds – hopefully responding to people moving around inside the space … which is the Hive Gallery. This interactivity will depend on whether we can get everything safely wired up and then calibrated in the short amount of time we have.
But most definitely: there is going to be an interface for musicians to plug in and jam along with The Thing, and the output can be recorded.

Bernard Clarke's Soundcloud profile picture

I am also going to play the Waterphone with the Iride Project: Massimo Davi and Monica Miuccio… along with Denis O’Sullivan on electric guitar and Katie O’Looney on percussion and allsorts … and fronting us all will be Bernard Clarke, reading “The Delight of Being Misunderstood”, a crazy story written by Monica. It is an hour-long improvisation, and the piece of music which will evolve is called “Here No Pain Only Adoration”.


News just in: Bernard won’t be there – he hurt his back. Get better fast, Bernard!

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