Contact And Connect

Studio: Günther Berkus, 8 Mary Street, Cork City, Ireland
Phone: 086 – 211 2330 (Mobile) or 021 – 239 3960 (Land Line)
the country code for Ireland is +353

To announce music you composed using Cork City Gamelan Samples and cut-ups and remixes of my own music, please go to and post your announcement on the “Wall”. If you a re not a Facebook member, email me the information, and I’ll announce it for you.


Given sufficient advance notice, I am always interested in New Music and Sound Art activities, especially in joining improvised music sessions. If you are living locally, or if you are coming to visit Cork, feel free to call me on the Telephone.

The Cork City Gamelan has a page on Facebook (link to the right). Many of the  articles here have a corresponding post on the “Wall” over there. You can comment on those posts. You can also post your own announcements to the Wall – useful, for example, if you wish to draw my attention to music you composed with CCG samples and to cut-ups or remixes of my own music. I’ll copy such announcements to the main site.

If you are not a Facebook member, you can email your announcements to me, or just give me a buzz on the telephone.

If you wish to support my efforts financially: My music is for sale in the Cork City Gamelan shop at Bandcamp (link to the right). I used to be known as a street musician, and I am running the shop in the spirit of busking: You can listen to full length MP3 versions of all the music for free. Then you can buy any of it in your favourite format – beyond CD quality, even – and you decide how much you wish to pay: from € 0.00 to “The Sky Is The Limit”.