The Gamelan is now on Facebook

I don’t have any interest in maintaining a social network presence – however, it seems almost compulsory if one wants a public project to succeed. So:

The Cork City Gamelan Is Now OnFacebook!

To be allowed a proper user name and an easy to remember URL, the Gamelan needs 25 “Likes”, so, please: if you are a Facebook member, click that button in the side bar.

I said I don’t have any interest… but really, that’s putting it mildly. Let it be known to the World: The reason I made this move is peer pressure.

Update: Thanks to all the Cork Artists Collective members who clicked the button. I think I may owe Danny McCarthy a beer for that. 😉

I must now go and get a lesson on Facebook Etiquette somewhere, to see how I can reciprocate…
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