Seasonal Offer: 2 For The Price Of 1

Absolutely free actually, as always – Hand Made in Cork.

Discover Your Formulas And Abandon Them (5:38, 5.7 MB to download) starts of with a lengthy movement of a metal ball swirling around in a stainless steel mixing bowl, with electronic effects. The sound of jingling bells (feel free to interpret it as seasonal) introduces a short movement based on Cork City Gamelan Drones. An even shorter drone movement including a reprise of the ball swirling sound concludes this composition.
I saw and heard the basic swirling ball in a bowl sound first being made by Sean O hUigin at a Soundworks performance at the Triskel Arts Centre in the mid-1980s. I was wondering what it could sound like if a few minutes of it were recorded with a close microphone, with various effects faded in and out. It took me about 25 years to find out, and I quite like it. I shall continue experimenting with similar gestures. Thanks for the inspiration, Sean.

Just Carry On (6:56, 7.5 MB to download) is a single free form and rambling movement, meandering, without any particular direction. I defined the structure with a composed Waterphone part. Over this background, I improvised two more Waterphone tracks, the Vienna Symphonic Library’s Soprano Saxophone, Upright Bass and Cello, and some of my Cork City Gamelan Sounds.

In case you wonder: I took both titles from Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s Oblique Strategies.

Enjoy, and have a cool Yule!

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