Enough, Enough! (Stock Market Report)

Some weeks ago, Bellows found an electronic toy which makes car and talk noises in a charity shop. He hacked and bent the circuitry, and I recorded the sounds of it and produced some glitchy audio files – originally in the spirit of creative fun without any agenda.

As leftovers from composing and producing A Prophet Looking For A Wall To Write On I have some recordings of voices on the radio, sped up to the point where the words just about stop making sense. One of them is a stock market report.

Early this morning, in the wake of some election results, the value of our currency dropped by almost two cents against the US Dollar in the space of about an hour.

This piece of music is a collage of the stock market report and the toy sounds, put together with a glitchy drum track which I made from sounds I recorded around Cork City, hitting a litter bin, a rainwater pipe and a barred iron gate with a stick of bamboo and with my fist. It is my response to those so-called investors whom I can only see as idle-minded rich children who engage in tax free gambling with the fortunes of countries and the common people at stake. Shame on them!

Enough, Enough! (3:50 of ugly music in the iTunes AAC/MPEG4 format, 3.6 MB to download, opens in a new window)

Careful with the volume control: this piece has the dynamics compressed – something I usually don’t do with my music- hence it sounds much louder than most of my recordings… and it is meant to sound ugly!

Enjoy… and feel free to cut it up, deconstruct it, remix it… the terms are in the Disclaimer page.

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