New Instruments: Beer Kegs And Iron Gate

I have been out again, harvesting sounds. First, an old iron gate off Paul Street, to the right of the shopping centre: 4:16, in the iPod/iTunes MPEG 4 format, 3.5 MB to download, opens in a new window

The file starts off with a series of various beats and scrapes, followed by stretched and pitch shifted versions of some of these sounds. Stretching and pitch shifting resulted in some wonderful drones of industrial ambience.

And here is one of the most common musical instruments which can be found sitting on footpaths in Irish towns most mornings before the shops and the pubs open:

Beer KegsBeats on a Beer Keg – 0:22, in the iPod/iTunes MPEG 4 format, 217 KB to download, opens in a new window

There are 12 individual bangs on the barrel. I took the 10th of them into my sound surgery and made up a series of stretched and pitch shifted versions… and I am really looking forward to making music with some of those drones and long beats (5:28, 4.7MB).

The sounds have short gaps between them to facilitate cutting them apart and using them in a sampler. Feel free to use them under the terms in the Disclaimer page… and show me what you came up with.

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  1. Darlene says:

    Like the blog

    • Pati says:

      FL Studio (also called Fruity Loops) is great for doing beats. You can check the demo here: (the teefuras are like the FL Studio Producer Edition)You will also want some good samples for your beats, you can get some free ones here:In case you end up getting FL Studio, you can get 10% discount on your first order from image-line with this promo link for new customers:Good luck!

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