The First “Release Ready” Cork City Gamelan Music

I just finished the first “release ready” piece of Cork City Gamelan music.

I call it Reichtum, which is German for Wealth. It is a tribute to Steve Reich – to say “thank you” for the wealth of knowledge he imparted on wannabe composers like me when he spent some time in Cork recently. Attending his seminar at the UCC School of Music and being able to watch the master at work (directing) during concerts was a major learning experience.


The file is in the iPod / iTunes MPEG 4 (.m4a/AAC) format, 4.6 MB to download, about 4:45 of music. It is “100% pure Cork City Gamelan”, without any additional instruments. I used sounds harvested from a litter bin, a sheet metal door, a stainless steel gate, and a rainwater pipe.

Feel free to make cutups and remixes. The tempo is 140 bpm. The license terms are in the Disclaimer document.


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2 Responses to The First “Release Ready” Cork City Gamelan Music

  1. Metalizer says:

    Great piece of music; congratulations! 🙂

    • Berkus says:

      thanks a lot – it’s actually very precisely structured and timed underneath all the apparent clutter. It took me quite a while to do, but I reckon the extra attention to detail was worth the effort.

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