A Modular Synthesizer Is Coming To My Studio!

This is big news for me: I was able to raise independent funds for putting together a Modular Synthesizer (Thank YOU, Konny!!).

I chose the Eurorack standard, which is supported by many manufacturers, and I just ordered 26 modules of the Doepfer A-100 system. That’s just a few more than the system in this picture. Some of them are much larger, though, so it looks like there is a lot more. I am getting it all built into a flat and low desk. It will arrive as individual components, which my occasional musical collaborator Bellows is going to assemble for me.

Modular synthesizers are open-ended projects – they just keep growing bigger and demanding the injection of increasing amounts of funds all the time. I have been lucky with this so far, though. I had a budget – which I overshot by 260.11 Euro. Ah, well, I can live with that

Modular synthesizers are not really for playing tunes. This one will do a lot of processing of prerecorded sounds, but its main job will be making patterns and textures and exploring entirely new sounds.

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