Dark Time – Abstract Art Music In A Light Hearted Mood

I am calling this very abstract piece of music “Dark Time” – a reflection on the concepts of dark energy and dark matter. Dark Time, as defined by myself, passes just like ordinary timeā€¦ however, for some reason science still cannot quite understand, it is not available for doing work. As a matter of fact, we don’t even notice it passing. We only know that Dark Time has passed – or that we have passed through it, depending on your preferred frame of reference – when we see that the clock has moved on… and nothing got done.

Dark Time – a fairly quiet abstract soundscape, a little over 14 minutes long, 12.6 MB to download, in the iTunes AAC/.m4a format.

Almost all of the sounds are processed hits and scrapes on various gates and doors around Cork City. A plastic wheel bin and some empty beer kegs left out in Market Lane also feature prominently in the mix. For a bit of extra sparkle, my brass chimes on a string make an appearance as a “Special Guest”.

I am close to finishing the development of the first version of my Cork City Gamelan dedicated sample player. I use the patcher software Audio Mulch for building it.

As I go along, I play and record little pieces of music to test all the different features I would like to include. The music I am sharing today verifies the multitrack recording capabilities. I performed six simultaneous instrument parts live and recorded them in a single take in six separate stereo files, making it possible to tweak the final mix using my DAW software (Logic Pro).

All the examples I have recorded so far are slowly evolving soundscapes. This will change next week: I plan to get hardware controllers with knobs, sliders and buttons. Right now, I must play everything using only my mouse and the typing keyboard.

Enjoy, and feel free to share and remix it. The rules are in the Disclaimer page.

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