Solstice Blessings And A Happy World Music Day To All

Update June 24th: I felt that the drone sounded too “industrial”, and I filtered it drastically to sound more like “nature” to me. Here is the final most recent mix: Sunrise In The Glade – New Mix

Today, the 21st of June, is World Music Day. Most often it falls on Midsummer Day, but Summer Solstice came early this year: less than an hour before midnight… and that is enough to make it so that  yesterday was Midsummer Day.

1985 was special for me. It had been designated European Year Of Music, and I was privileged to represent Cork City with an event. I have made a point of doing little musical meditations every year for both Solstices since then.

This year I composed some music using only my Cork City sounds and those brass chimes which seem to insert themselves into almost everything I do.

Sunrise In The Glade – about 4 1/2 minutes long, 4.3 MB in the iTunes / iPod AAC / .m4a format, opens in a new window. I re-used the drone build-up from Fluid Mechanics and added two more layers. It now has 12 layers of solid sound by the time it reaches the climax.

Enjoy, and feel free to remix it, cut it up, mangle it, as long as you do it within the rules laid out in the Disclaimer page.

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  1. Metalizer says:

    Cool piece, Happy Solstice & Earth Blessings

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