The Gas Of The Week: Jewish Poker (Week 13/3)

I am starting a new creative fun feature on the CCG site: The Gas Of The Week … but (like my Drone Of The Week) not every week. Expect to hear all kinds of lighthearted pieces here: sarcastic comments, daft jokes, and anything in between. I am kicking this off with Jewish Poker (opens in a new window, 3 3/4 minutes of music in the iTunes format. about 4 MB).

Please, before anybody accuses me of a cultural slur: Note that Jewish Poker was invented by the Israeli writer Ephraim Kishon as an attempt to bring the reader closer to understanding the Jewish soul. The basic rules are simple: Each player thinks of a number – the player with the highest number wins. But it is not always as straight forward as one might expect. You may like to read Kishon’s original story (opens in a new window)

All the sounds you hear in this piece, with the exception of the beat, are made from numbers and sometimes the corresponding units (percent, Euro, etc.) which I had I cut out of a news broadcast -.


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