The Gas Of The Week: Acient Krell Speech Recording (Week 13/5)

2000 centuries ago, a delegation of the Ancient Krell visited Earth to collect specimen animals which might look cool together with the Krell in a 1950s Science Fiction movie. The well known time traveller Una Persson,, hiding behind a protruding spacetime discontinuity, recorded their conversation and deposited the tape with her publisher. She doesn’t know how many of them were actually there – it can be difficult to determine when looking at a Wriggle of Ancient Krell.

Had Ms Persson not been in the right place at the right time, the voices of the Krell would be lost forever: two weeks later, they all vanished without a trace. The animals survived, and their offspring looked great in the movie, even without the Krell.

I could have faked this recording with a ring modulator, two oscillators, a filter and one of my algorithmic music composition Max patches …

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